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Calling all Curls!

Did you know that our salon, Primp, not only carries Aveda Products but we also carry the DevaCurl product line? DevaCurl is specifically designe... Read More »

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Practice Safe Sun

During the summer season most of us are enjoying the days at the beaches, pools, parks but we tend to forget about what our skin and hair goes through... Read More »

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Highlights anyone?

Are you in need of your highlights? Ask yourself this! Do I have roots that are looking like they created a black hole like in space? Does my hair ... Read More »

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Why do women color their hair?

I had a gentleman ask me why I thought women colored their hair, why do women want to be fake? I told him I thought that it had to do with self estee... Read More »

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Meron Lead

How to Achieve Great Curls

If you’ve always wanted to create the kind of beautiful curls seen here on Meron, from Aveda’s “Rare Bloom” Spring 2015 collection, Tippi Shor... Read More »

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